Friday, March 4, 2011

Last Impressions

oil on canvas

I've posted videos of the progress on this painting and "Force of Nature" on Youtube. Here are the links: Last Impressions Force of Nature

I've been feeling good as the number of "times watched" goes up on these, so when I came across this quote, I had to laugh:

"Most people are semi-content to be loved by their mates, pets, family, or whatever. Artists want to be loved by everyone, everywhere, for the rest of time. Sheesh." (Jerry Saltz)

So true. So please watch my videos. :-) Thank you!


David E. Castillo said...

haha.... Jerry Saltz! I guess this is true. I certainly love the warm gold in this water...beautiful!

Rachel Harvey said...

I know, funny, huh! But even if we're self-involved, at least we can laugh at ourselves. :) Thank you for your comment!

The Pentecostal Preacher said...

I guess this is a favorite!

Rachel Harvey said...

Thanks,Abuelitojd--it was pure joy to paint this one-- it just flowed. Thanks for commenting!