Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Post for Spring

Contrary to appearances, I HAVE been painting, even though I haven't been posting.  It has been a chaotic Spring for me... between the tree branches coming through the roof in January's Perfect Storm (which put me out of my studio for a while) with all the subsequent repairs and clean-up, and the multiple colds, coughs and ills brought home by my first-year schoolgirl and first-year daycareboy, life has led me a dance the last few months!

I thought I'd post a few before and after pics of my studio:

you can see the painting I was working on-- the branch came through where I would've been standing had I been in there at the time!

Yuk.  Ceiling stuff was everywhere.

And all better!
I am so happy to have the exterior and interior of our home watertight again!