Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seven Mile Road - SOLD

oil on canvas
A month or so ago, I met with a couple of friends to paint en plein air and instead we all went on a photo jaunt together. The sense of fleeting beauty was so strong, we agreed to gather as many photos as we could, to savor in the winter months. Like squirrels and nuts (we were the squirrels!).


dominique eichi said...

This is a wonderful " nut"

Rachel Harvey said...

:-) I'm so glad you think so!

Donna Van Tuyl said...

Rachel, I found your Blog!! This must be from the day I missed out eight mile. I love your painting and the sense of distance you have achieved. I will keep checking and link to your blog if that is okay with you.

Rachel Harvey said...

Thank you, Donna! Yes, this was the seven-mile/eight-mile/fifteen-mile roads day. What great names for roads! I'd be honored for you to link to my blog.

Anonymous said...

I like this one, the road makes you wonder what's down there...and of course, the colors.