Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shadow Rhythm

oil on canvas

It's a good thing we all have different tastes, or we'd all want the same thing! My husband, who is my favorite critic, doesn't care for this painting, and yet I really like it. I like reds and oranges, which may explain it... and he is red/green color blind, which may explain it, too! He is drawn to composition and value, but the variations in similar-valued reds and oranges don't stand out to him. He can see blues pretty well; too bad the leaves don't turn blue in the fall!

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Sandra Moreano said...

This is stunning. I really like the darkness of the understory. IT reminds me of New Mexico Cottonwoods in the fall.

Rachel Harvey said...

That's what drew me, too... it's so mysterious! thanks for your comment.