Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aspen Dream

3- 6x6
oil on canvas
My last few paintings, which were inter-related, inspired me to take a stab at a true triptych, and this is the result. I enjoyed the process, and will probably try it again.


Todd Smith's Painting a Day said...

Yes! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel-I follow Donna V's blog as you do and that's how I came to your site-I am a pastel painter and the expense of framing large works has limited the size that I am willing to paint-so I have been experimenting with panels as well-no aspens around here in VA-so I choose birch trees! I had to smile when I saw your lovely aspens..if you want to check out my tree panels I am at rrosemanart.blogspot.com-I went with plexiglass over spacers and museum clips to frame them. they are 16x20 each